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Food Writing

Food / Travel Writing

Marie Perucca-Ramirez and Julio Ramirez have been traveling the back roads of the world for many years, from Mongolia to Mali, Alaska to Australia, exploring other cultures and enjoying their cuisines. When arriving in a new town, they usually head straight for the local market place to talk to vendors, bakers, fishmongers, and farmers. The busy market place offers the opportunity to discover new herbs and spices and get advice on the selection and preparation of unfamiliar ingredients. Wandering among the food stalls and sampling the culinary specialties of the region, offers the perfect chance to experience authentic “taste” of a culture. And because the market place is usually the social hub of the community, it’s also a great place to meet the local people—and get directions to those little side-street kitchens that serve the best food in town.

Recipes collected on their travels are among their favorite souvenirs. “Eating is such a sensory experience that recreating a special dish–with it’s distinctive flavors and aromas–can trigger the memory of a great day of diving in Belize or of hiking in the hill country of Thailand.” Drawing on their travel experiences, recipes, and photographs, Julio and Marie have written cookbooks and many food-related articles; they are currently writing a food and travel column, “Back Roads, Good Food,” for the Monterey County Herald.


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